It’s what drives us

You come first.
Spending time with you is what matters to us. We don’t just look at eyes, we see you as a person first. Caring for you and your eyes is at the heart of our practice.

Celebrate Bold Self Expression
Bold self expression is something we celebrate. Each person has a unique style and we honor that. Count on us to show you the finest eye wear that fits your needs and individual personality. Pull up a chair, have a drink, and let us help your find that perfect set of spectacles.

Use Technology for good Health
At eyeXam, we are committed to using the best and most advanced technology to improve the quality of your vision and life. We use Zeiss technology – a global leader in state of the art optical solutions.

Technology has greatly improved our lives. These innovations have also impacted the eye care field. Today’s digital eye exams gather five times more information about your vision. We recognize how small improvements in eye health or ability can have dramatic impacts on your overall quality of life.

We like to call it Revolutionized eye care for a digital minded world. Our goal is to make every aspect of your experience easier, more accurate, and personally customized so you can see the world more clearly.

Unique and Luxury Eyewear
We search the globe for some of the best and most unique eyewear. After all, not everyone wants to look exactly the same, right? Our modern showroom features the top brands that offer style, quality, precision, and reliability. We hold ourselves up to a pretty high standard and expect our eyewear to do the same.

Beauty Matters
We believe the eyes are the windows to the soul. They deserve to look beautiful.
With or without glasses. Our Eye Bar celebrates beautiful eyes by offering beauty services. From lashes to make-up, we like to offer you a “special touch” to compliment your new glasses or contact lens.