It’s amazing how much clarity the right lens can bring. Choosing the right lens is as important as choosing your frames. We can’t stress that enough. Each lens is as unique as you are. At eyeXam we customize your lenses for your lifestyle using top of the line Zeiss lenses.

For Driving – Better vision in low light conditions or at night.
For Office – Less eye strain when working on digital devices.
For Outdoors – Protect your eyes from harmful UV Rays.
For Unique Needs – Personalized for your unique needs.

The longevity and quality of your glasses are influenced by your lens more than anything else.
We will carefully explain your options, ask what makes the most sense for your prescription and lifestyle, and allow you to see, feel, and experience the different lens options available to you.

Better focus. Relief from eye strain. Greater clarity, all day. Ahh, what a relief.

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