Frame + Prescription Lenses + Free Shipping

plus FREE Shipping

Our lifestyle is staring at our computer screen or digital devices 24/7. And so we are now exposed to more blue light than ever before Blue light can cause eye strain, fatigue, headache, and even insomnia.

Introducing XamBlue

A frame and/or lens package with ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect coating with CleanCoat technology to make them easier to clean as well as a blue filter that attenuates blue light in the range from 390 to 440 nm (wavelength of blue light hazard).


Available in Crystal (pictured), Black, and Tortoise


Available in Crystal (pictured), Brown, and Black


Available in Crystal Blue (pictured), Crystal Black, Crystal Red, and Crystal Tortoise


Available in Pink Crystal Rose (pictured), Blue Crystal Navy, and Crystal Black


Available in Black Matte Grey (pictured), Black Matte Brown, and Black Matte Navy


Available in Brown Matte (pictured), Black Matte, and Grey Matte


Available in Matte Burgundy (pictured), Matte Brown, and Matte Plum


Available in Brown Tortoise (pictured), Black, Navy Tortoise, and Pewter Navy Matte